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Use Lighting to Make Your Home More Attractive

If you plan to sell your home, you can make your interiors and exteriors shine by improving the lighting. Here’s how. Drapes and shades: Natural light works best during the day. So make sure to open all drapes and shades to let in the sunlight. ...Read More »

Is that Fixer Upper Worth It?

Deciding whether to purchase a fixer-upper or go with a home in need of fewer repairs isn’t always simple. Supplies, Labor and Time: Whether you do the job yourself or hire outside labor, repairs and renovations are notorious for costing more than yo...Read More »

How to Choose the Right Paint Color for your Walls

Finding the right color for your walls can be one of the more difficult decisions you'll make in your home. What seems like such a simple thing to do on the surface can collapse you into confusion and despair when surrounded by thousands of strips of ever...Read More »

Two Ways to Start the New Year Off Right

The New Year is just around the corner. Here are a couple of things you can do to start 2017 off the right way. Do a Yearly Review. Take stock of where you’ve been and appreciate all of the accomplishments you’ve made in the last year.  In a typ...Read More »

Behind the Scenes Work – Key to Selling a Property

Anyone can put a “For Sale” sign on a property, but an experienced real estate agent makes all the difference when it comes to marketing and promoting a property. Following are some examples of what goes on behind the scenes in promoting a property: ...Read More »

Ask the Agent | What is a CMA?

CMA stands for Comparative Market Analysis, and as your real estate agent, we will use this to help you decide on the right price when you’re listing your home. A CMA will compare your home with sold and currently listed properties in your neighborho...Read More »

What Makes a Home Environmentally Friendly?

One of the hottest real estate trends in today’s market is green building, as home builders respond to an increasing demand for energy efficient and environmentally friendlier homes. The focus is generally on energy conservation, the use of environme...Read More »

What You Should Do if your Offer is Rejected

The home buying process can be stressful, particularly for first-time buyers. But even seasoned buyers can be disappointed when their first offer is rejected. Luckily, in real estate, “no” doesn’t usually mean “no.” It simply means “let’s ...Read More »

Buying a Duplex with your Sibling

It’s a wonderful thing that siblings have a great enough relationship to want to purchase a home together. A lot of siblings wouldn’t want to live that close to each other, let alone take on this sort of joint financial responsibility. In order for i...Read More »

Ask the Agent | October Question

Premiere Properties Group is excited to launch a new blog series "Ask the Agent." We will cover all sorts of topics including real estate investment, maintenance tips and buyer & seller questions. If you have any topics you'd like us to cover, ple...Read More »